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Agora teams up with Laurent Folco for new capsule

– Streetwear meets colourful cubism

Emerging Norwich-based streetwear brand Agora has joined forces with French artist Laurent Folco for its new summer capsule.

The collection – which features 3 sweatshirts and two pairs of pants – treads in familiar territory for Agora; mixing high contrast colours with tidy embroidery.

Collaborative artist Laurent Folco is a Cannes-based painter who was headhunter by Agora for his work with contemporary cubist portraits. Folco adopts Picasso and Braque’s style of depicting a single subject from multiple perspectives, but lends a pop-art touch by adding vivid colour blocking and thick black outlining.

The capsule sweatshirts feature embroidered chest patches and can be mix and matched with either pair of cropped, checked pants. As is typical for Agora, the collection is available at an affordable price point.

Flip through the capsule lookbook above and head over to the store to shop the pieces

Levis Thomas

MODEL Jamie Miller

AGC Pathfinder Jackets

Continuing our quest to make techwear affordable, this season sees the release of our new AGC Pathfinder jackets

The jackets feature a rugged nylon shell that’s available in three colours:  black, red and yellow.  With 6 pockets including an oversized kangaroo pouch, there’s plenty of storage space for all your agora accessories.

Fully waterproof and with an adjustible hood, you can be sure you’ll be kept dry in all conditions

Best paired with our terrain or utility pants for a full techwear fit  👀

Stay tuned for more future techwear options.

Shop the Pathfinder collection online now

DSC_1878 DSC_1895 DSC_1929



Cyber Collection

Our new cyber collection is the product of a cross polination of rave culture and 90s sportswear.  We’ve dipped into two cultures to produce a collection that embraces neon at the very heart of it.

Neon has always been part of streetwear but its often been too brash to be fully embraced. Afterall, there are only so many occasions you can go out in full neon.

Thats why our Cyber collection employs just the right amount of neon, by using it subtly,  through prints, piping, trim and paneling.

Shop the full collection here

grid neon


43778642_275902213062593_4602063830457928918_n (1)

AW18 Puffers | Gradient Puffer Jackets

This season we’re loading up on wardrobe staples but giving them a unique touch 👇

With their warm poly insulation, generous cut and quality assembly, our puffer jackets have all the qualities you’ll need to see you through winter.

Our AGC reversible puffer features one black side with a white stripe which can be reversed to a white jacket with black stripe. With two options available you’ll never have to worry about matching the rest of your outfit again.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

We’ve all seen blue and yellow puffers before but here’s something new: gradient puffers. Immaculately printed, and artfully assembled, they fit just as cosy as they look. All our puffer jackets are available at the very affordable price of £49.99

smallblue gradient puffer web thumb



Agora x Urban Jungle

Agora teamed up with local botanical specialists the Urban Jungle to showcase our new summer collection.

The collection is driven by color; from the cosy pastel stripes of the pocket tees, to the bold contrast of the taped t shirts and shorts.

Shop the full collection online now

The Urban Jungle’s artisan plant collection is available for shopping and exploring in 2 locations around East Anglia, UK.

Photography by Bartosz Halicki

Vintage Hawaiian Shirts

Short sleeve collared shirts can be difficult to pull off.  With one exception – the Hawaiian shirt. No matter who you are, if its summer and you’re wearing a nice hawaiian shirt, you’re gunna look good.


Of course there are a lot of bad hawaiian shirts out there – that’s why we spent days  digging through hundreds to find the best, true vintage pieces.

vintage hawaiian shirts tropical
Check out what we found here

Re-Defining Split T Shirts

When split t shirts emerged as a trend in 2016 they came out hard. Suddenly every brand was splicing together shirts,  DIY video tutorials saturated youtube and bloggers were captivated by the unusual trend.

The hype has since faded as people became to realise that – while novel- cutting up two clashing t shirt designs and sticking them together actually looked pretty bad. Case in point:


But there’s still a place for split tees today.  Color-blocking and heavily contrasting colors are two concepts that have been at the forefront of streetwear design in 2018.

For our collection, we have brought split tees back to basics; focusing on complimentary colors and subtle designs that use center seam of the shirt to emphasize the theme of the artwork. Shop here

split blog 4 split blog 3 split blog 2 split blog 1

Shoulder bags

shoulder bag

Shoulder bags have long been a niche accessory, usually reserved for UK urban dwelling youth, but this year has seen them emerge as a mainstream must-have. As vintage sportswear continues to take over contemporary streetwear, the kinds of items you would normally see consigned to shelves in stores like JD Sports, have become featured items in mainstream fashion stores like Urban Outfitters (who recently picked up a bunch of our bags) as well as fashion blogs.

While the shoulder bag has carried a bit of stigma around it – based on the notion that it has long been worn by roadmen, who use it as a stash pouch – the functionality of the bag is also the main reason its managed shake off this reputation. For some occasions the bags are irresistibly useful.  Afterall who wants to carry a wallet, phone and other valuables in their pockets at a festival?

Check out Daniel XYI’s deconstruction of our lost shoulder bag.

Often there is a lag before quintessentially Bristish or quintessentially American accessories are adopted on the other side of the Atlantic. For example snapback hats took an extra year to start gaining traction in europe after they killed off fitted hats in North America in 2011. We expect shoulder bags to become as ubiquitous in the US as Europe in time.

Shoulder bags shouldn’t be a statement piece, but they can certainly add something to a solid fit. Our bags are understated, and at £19.99 so you can pick one up and add it to any look you want. Check our collection here




Just in: New Watches





The Agora watch family has a couple of long overdue new members.

Our Marble Watch features a new rose gold chrome casing with matching logo and arms. A genuine leather tan strap ties the look together.

The Mode Watch features a matte black chrome casing with matching matte-finished leather strap. The discreet Agora logo provides a shiny contrast to the understated clock face.

Both watches feature a high quality japanese movement for excellent time-keeping. And in true Agora fashion both watches are available at the very affordable price of £19.99.


agora marble watchz mode watch