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Shoulder bags

shoulder bag

Shoulder bags have long been a niche accessory, usually reserved for UK urban dwelling youth, but this year has seen them emerge as a mainstream must-have. As vintage sportswear continues to take over contemporary streetwear, the kinds of items you would normally see consigned to shelves in stores like JD Sports, have become featured items in mainstream fashion stores like Urban Outfitters (who recently picked up a bunch of our bags) as well as fashion blogs.

While the shoulder bag has carried a bit of stigma around it – based on the notion that it has long been worn by roadmen, who use it as a stash pouch – the functionality of the bag is also the main reason its managed shake off this reputation. For some occasions the bags are irresistibly useful.  Afterall who wants to carry a wallet, phone and other valuables in their pockets at a festival?

Check out Daniel XYI’s deconstruction of our lost shoulder bag.

Often there is a lag before quintessentially Bristish or quintessentially American accessories are adopted on the other side of the Atlantic. For example snapback hats took an extra year to start gaining traction in europe after they killed off fitted hats in North America in 2011. We expect shoulder bags to become as ubiquitous in the US as Europe in time.

Shoulder bags shouldn’t be a statement piece, but they can certainly add something to a solid fit. Our bags are understated, and at £19.99 so you can pick one up and add it to any look you want. Check our collection here