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Starter 1995 NBA Playoffs Snapback Hat

While Sports Specialties may have had the license to produce official merchandise for the 1995 NBA Finals, that didn’t stop Starter trumping them with their own Playoff hat. The hat has the Charlotte Hornets logo on the right side and the slogan “Catch the Playoff Bug” on the other. The embroidery on the front is unmissable, covering the entire front of the hat. The contrast of the purple, white and red is inspired. In short, we love this hat. And we have a few of them – but they won’t last long. Click the pictures to be taken to the listing

Snapbacks at the Brick Lane Upmarket

Agora Vintage set up camp at the Brick Lane Upmarket yesterday (sun sep 11th.)  This was just a tester to see how things would go, and we got a lot of love. We can only bring down a 100 hats a pop, so if you see things pictured, or online, then ask us to bring it down and we will. For those that slept on yesterday’s market, we’ll be back in London in two weeks.

Toronto Blue Jays Script Snapback Hat

The Blue Jays may be up there with the least popular MLB teams around today, but that won’t stop this vintage script hat from being one of the most sought after pieces on the market today.

For a little history on Sports Specialties and the script hat, read our blog post from last week.

Sports Specialties MLB script hats are the hardest hats to find. Many may never even have been made. Has anyone seen Sports Specialties script hats for the Atlanta Braves, Arizona Diamondbacks, Texas Rangers or Baltimore Orioles? ‘Till we got this hat in, we’d never even heard of a Blue Jays script before. This one was bought from a souvenir shop in Toronto in ’93 by a visiting European tourist. You can’t really tell from the pictures, but the front panel is a slight shade of creme, in contrast to the rest of the crown which is a pearly white. It isn’t discoloration – the hat was actually made like that.

Here’s a few hidden MLB gems Agora Vintage has unearthed of late

Chicago Bulls Snapbacks For Days

New Drew Pearson cotton twill, all black Chicago Bulls joints just in. We now have a snapback hat for every adult male in the UK. Chicago Bulls for the whole of London…

Did we mention we wholesale snapbacks? Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. Contact us for for info on how to get a piece of the action.

Starter Script Snapback Hats

In the spotlight today, Starter’s trademark script snapback hats. The Starter script design is one of the most commonly imitated styles in hats as well as clothing. Starter used the same design for their hoodie range. Its not every day you see a Starter script hockey hat, and the black and yellow colorway of the Penguins really does the classic design justice. Available on ebay

Often Imitated, Never Duplicated

When people talk about classic hat brands, AJD is rarely mentioned among the ranks of Sports Specialties and Starter, but really AJD pumped out some of the dopist designs out there. Take this classic for example – one of AJD’s classics – stitched, retro as hell font face, with writing on the front and side and the slick underscore.

This style was one of the first to be copied when reproduced “vintage style” snapback hats began to flood the market. This unlicensed piece of shit can be picked up for 10 bucks or so. Notice the fake ass curve to the bill, the horrible stitching and lack of tags.
The AJD design has been copied more recently, and in slightly better fashion, via adidas’ Hardwood Classics. The text is printed on rather than stitched but the scripture is better, and the design expands on to the side just as the original does.