Monthly Archives: January 2020

So long and thank you ❤️

After 8 glorious years we bid you farewell! In February 2020 our web store will close permanently.

2019 was one of our best years yet with some of our most successful product launches ever including a bumper collaborative collection with fashion kingpins ASOS. So with that in mind we figured now was as good a time as any to hang up those boots.

After a long and enjoyable run as a streetwear brand owner, the founder and director of Agora Clothing has decided its time for a new challenge – one outside of fashion. Leaving the brand behind has not been an easy decision, but sometimes you just know that its time for a new chapter in life.

Agora may be back again at some point down the line, but it will likely be a different kind of animal.

The whole Agora team would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has ever shopped with us, talked about us to friends or engaged with us in any way. We are humbled by every positive message we have received and every person we have seen wearing our brand.
It is entirely down to you guys that this company grew to be a mainstay of streetwear today.

For those that have messaged to say they have grown dependent on us for their streetwear fix, we are sorry to be leaving you. We hope you can find something new to fill an Agora sized void ❤️

Ps don’t worry customer support will be replying to all order related emails as long as they need to!

pps almost everything in the store is part of a fire sale right now