Monthly Archives: October 2011

Starter Image Collection Snapbacks

The Starter Image Collection brings new meaning to the term clean. Instead of filling the front with the team logos/names/both, for this series, Starter just tossed a cool picture on the front.

Just in case the Dolphin on the front of this hat + the orange/green colorway isn’t clear enough, there’s also a neat little team logo on the side too. Starter had a bunch of teams in the series spanning all the pro team leagues, but they were made in only very limited runs.

Sports Specialties Team Logo Snapbacks

There’s nothing cleaner than Sports Specialties team logo snapback hats. Nicely embroidered front, with large logo, Sports Specialties branding on the side and the associated pro league logo on the back or the right. Plus, reliable Sports Specialties fit with a nice acrylic/wool blend fabric. We have Raiders, Kings, Bulls, Chiefs, Redskins, Patriots, Packers and maybe one or two more somewhere.  Dream boat….

Vintage Twins Window Snapbacks

American Needle have been digging deeper and deeper into the vintage snapback vault, for their “original snapback” line of throwback hats. This time the MLB licensed headwear manufacturers have been cloning old Twins designs. Of course the re-make isn’t a patch on the original hats which we just got in stock.

Frankly though, if American Needle were the “original” snapback hat makers, then they shouldn’t need to borrow designs from other 1990s manufacturers. Their most popular throwback series is the Sports Specialties Shadow re-make…which kinda tells you what you need to know. Stick with the blockhead remakes really. Plus now American Needle have started putting stickers on the bill of the hat, like New Era…not cool.