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Deadstock Delivery

A deadstock bomb just went off in the Agora warehouse. And just in time too.

Fashion Beans just blogged about the remarkable resurgence of the men’s sweatshirt. Its true; every streetwear brand out there is pumping out new designs each week of the classic wardrobe staple. Just as well that Agora Vintage just got in hundreds of deadstock printed sweatshirts as well as T-Shirts and tanks all USA made from 1990s with tags. We got a lot of new Mighty Ducks gear too!

For you London cats, lots of this gear will be available at the Blitz store on Hanbury lane.

Rad Deadstock Vintage 80s Tri-Blend T Shirts

Tri-blend t shirts are the hottest tees around today. For one, they offer a distinctive speckled heather pattern, that cannot be matched by a 50/50 tee. They also contain rayon – which is much stronger and breathable than cotton, and so adds life to any shirt as well as perspiration properties for hot climates. They aren’t the most common shirts around, so its unusual to find two as rad as these.