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American Needle Blockhead Snapbacks. Re-up

Advocated by 2pac, on screen and off, the Blockhead cap was American Needle’s greatest accomplishment. This batch, manufactured in ’92 shows off the series’ best colorways. The red crown Georgetown snapback is as good as they come.

We have Mighty Ducks, Sharks, Kings and Georgetown. We also have Oakland A’s in the sister range “Colorz.”

Vintage Twins Window Snapbacks

American Needle have been digging deeper and deeper into the vintage snapback vault, for their “original snapback” line of throwback hats. This time the MLB licensed headwear manufacturers have been cloning old Twins designs. Of course the re-make isn’t a patch on the original hats which we just got in stock.

Frankly though, if American Needle were the “original” snapback hat makers, then they shouldn’t need to borrow designs from other 1990s manufacturers. Their most popular throwback series is the Sports Specialties Shadow re-make…which kinda tells you what you need to know. Stick with the blockhead remakes really. Plus now American Needle have started putting stickers on the bill of the hat, like New Era…not cool.

American Needle Blockhead Snapback Hats

Vintage snapback hats have been hunted for years now, but only recently has the American Needle Blockhead come into prevalence as one of the most sought after pieces on the market. A year ago, the hats were pretty much just another American Needle line, but now anything hat with block lettering on the back – American Needle or otherwise – is being billed as a blockhead since the market value of these prized pieces has risen so much. Always quick to leap on board of any trend, good or bad, Supreme recently released their five panel arc cap – ripping off the unique colorway and font face of the American Needle Classic.

Personally I put the craze down to the fact that a good stock of these hats was found only quite recently, and since Tupac added his seal of approval in 1993’s Poetic Justice, rockin’ the White Sox blockhead, the hat series was always going to have a legacy, so long as the product was there to be had.