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UK | Europe Wholesale Vintage Snapbacks

As of september 2011, Agora Vintage will be begin to wholesale its vast stock of vintage snapback hats. Whether you own a specialist boutique, a vintage clothing store or organise pop-up shops, we have the perfect range for you.

We have the largest and highest quality stock of vintage snapback hats in all of Europe. All our hats are imported, deadstock vintage, 90s era, flat peak adjustable snapback hats. The hats cover pro teams and college. We can cater for orders of any size, wherever you are in the world.

Our product is unique and very specialist. We intend to keep it that way – so please only inquire if you have a reputable way of selling this product. Email info(at)

American Needle Blockhead Snapback Hats

Vintage snapback hats have been hunted for years now, but only recently has the American Needle Blockhead come into prevalence as one of the most sought after pieces on the market. A year ago, the hats were pretty much just another American Needle line, but now anything hat with block lettering on the back – American Needle or otherwise – is being billed as a blockhead since the market value of these prized pieces has risen so much. Always quick to leap on board of any trend, good or bad, Supreme recently released their five panel arc cap – ripping off the unique colorway and font face of the American Needle Classic.

Personally I put the craze down to the fact that a good stock of these hats was found only quite recently, and since Tupac added his seal of approval in 1993’s Poetic Justice, rockin’ the White Sox blockhead, the hat series was always going to have a legacy, so long as the product was there to be had.

Often Imitated, Never Duplicated

When people talk about classic hat brands, AJD is rarely mentioned among the ranks of Sports Specialties and Starter, but really AJD pumped out some of the dopist designs out there. Take this classic for example – one of AJD’s classics – stitched, retro as hell font face, with writing on the front and side and the slick underscore.

This style was one of the first to be copied when reproduced “vintage style” snapback hats began to flood the market. This unlicensed piece of shit can be picked up for 10 bucks or so. Notice the fake ass curve to the bill, the horrible stitching and lack of tags.
The AJD design has been copied more recently, and in slightly better fashion, via adidas’ Hardwood Classics. The text is printed on rather than stitched but the scripture is better, and the design expands on to the side just as the original does.