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Often Imitated, Never Duplicated

When people talk about classic hat brands, AJD is rarely mentioned among the ranks of Sports Specialties and Starter, but really AJD pumped out some of the dopist designs out there. Take this classic for example – one of AJD’s classics – stitched, retro as hell font face, with writing on the front and side and the slick underscore.

This style was one of the first to be copied when reproduced “vintage style” snapback hats began to flood the market. This unlicensed piece of shit can be picked up for 10 bucks or so. Notice the fake ass curve to the bill, the horrible stitching and lack of tags.
The AJD design has been copied more recently, and in slightly better fashion, via adidas’ Hardwood Classics. The text is printed on rather than stitched but the scripture is better, and the design expands on to the side just as the original does.