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Starter Flame Snapbacks

Much love for the special starter joint we posted last week. The Starter Flame series was another big one in Glasgow Scotland. The hats were a made in short supply in the 90s, so to find a deadstock one today is something a bit special. They are certainly one of the more original Starter hats out there.

Starter Image Collection Snapbacks

The Starter Image Collection brings new meaning to the term clean. Instead of filling the front with the team logos/names/both, for this series, Starter just tossed a cool picture on the front.

Just in case the Dolphin on the front of this hat + the orange/green colorway isn’t clear enough, there’s also a neat little team logo on the side too. Starter had a bunch of teams in the series spanning all the pro team leagues, but they were made in only very limited runs.

Starter Script Snapback Hats

In the spotlight today, Starter’s trademark script snapback hats. The Starter script design is one of the most commonly imitated styles in hats as well as clothing. Starter used the same design for their hoodie range. Its not every day you see a Starter script hockey hat, and the black and yellow colorway of the Penguins really does the classic design justice. Available on ebay