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Mighty Ducks Snapbacks & Kings, Raiders Blockheads

Few snapback lines made as great an impression on licensed sports caps as the American Needle Blockhead series.

Drew Pearson was one of the first companies to pump out their own version of the Blockhead hat; a refreshing change for a company known for its busy and vibrant snapbacks.
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Lots of smaller companies also started making hats with block lettering on the back too. The blockhead style became a staple for NCAA hat manufacturers.


European hat licensee Campri Team Sports also adopted the style with their own team logo snapbacks.  These hats are super clean but not as colorful as the American Needle snapbacks, and lack the side logo.  This lot just came in – check the store to purchase
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American Needle Blockhead Snapbacks. Re-up

Advocated by 2pac, on screen and off, the Blockhead cap was American Needle’s greatest accomplishment. This batch, manufactured in ’92 shows off the series’ best colorways. The red crown Georgetown snapback is as good as they come.

We have Mighty Ducks, Sharks, Kings and Georgetown. We also have Oakland A’s in the sister range “Colorz.”

Deadstock Delivery

A deadstock bomb just went off in the Agora warehouse. And just in time too.

Fashion Beans just blogged about the remarkable resurgence of the men’s sweatshirt. Its true; every streetwear brand out there is pumping out new designs each week of the classic wardrobe staple. Just as well that Agora Vintage just got in hundreds of deadstock printed sweatshirts as well as T-Shirts and tanks all USA made from 1990s with tags. We got a lot of new Mighty Ducks gear too!

For you London cats, lots of this gear will be available at the Blitz store on Hanbury lane.

Mighty Ducks Snapbacks

The medley of all mighty ducks snapback medleys. Auctions running on mighty ducks snapbacks from 99 cents, no reserve.

Since Disney still own the image rights to The Mighty Ducks, the team remain the only popular franchise who’s merchandise cannot be re-created under normal NHL licensing laws. Therefore if you see a Mighty Ducks snapback it is always a vintage one. That’s why they are generally the most expensive pieces on the market.

That said, there are lots of fake Mighty Ducks snapbacks on the circuit right now. The colors are off, and they don’t have proper tags. Forget about those.

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