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Universal Prosona NFL Snapbacks

Universal was one of the dopest 90s snapback hat brands. They were always kinda under the radar, never really competing with the big boys. And they never had a signature line per se – no one hat style you could associate with them – but their Prosona is one of Agora Vintage’s all time faves, by any brand.

While Universal made NBA snaps too, this line was purely NFL. The Prosona name came from mixing the words “professional” and “persona.” Each hat would come with its own unique hang tag, with a picture associated with the team (not unlike the Starter Image Collection premise.)

The type font on each hat looks similar, but each one is in fact tweaked to mirror the personality of the team. The Redskins for instance, has tribal style affections to the font face, and a feathered Native American headpiece attached to the R. The Seahawks has a spiky, beak-like edge to the font, while the Oilers font is assembled by what looks like piping.

The hats are neatly topped off with the contrast snap and threading on the air holes. Green under brim as standard.  The Prosona line does not come with the universal logo on the back, which is a shame, because its dope.  See the bulls pictured below.

A post for my homies in Glasgow

Back in the 90s there was a wildly popular hat stand on the Argyle market in Glasgow, Scotland. The stand was owned by an enterprising woman who would import some of the most limited snapback hat series from North America.

The stand was known particularly for its big logo snapbacks by The Game. Kids would come to the stand every weekend, pockets chinking, looking for the freshest hats. Some of those fans have amassed some of the most amazing collections known to man. The stand has long gone, but the demand hasn’t. Now 25+ year old Glaswegians nostalgically crawl ebay looking for the hats they were never able to get hold of, or lost sometime in their younger days.

Oddly, the Starter Shockwave, velcro fit hat was another huge line. We only mess with the snaps. So here’s a few new treats for those north of the border.

 Cincinnati Reds, Mighty Ducks and Tampa Bay Lightning will be online soon

Chicago Bulls Snapbacks For Days

New Drew Pearson cotton twill, all black Chicago Bulls joints just in. We now have a snapback hat for every adult male in the UK. Chicago Bulls for the whole of London…

Did we mention we wholesale snapbacks? Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. Contact us for for info on how to get a piece of the action.

Starter Script Snapback Hats

In the spotlight today, Starter’s trademark script snapback hats. The Starter script design is one of the most commonly imitated styles in hats as well as clothing. Starter used the same design for their hoodie range. Its not every day you see a Starter script hockey hat, and the black and yellow colorway of the Penguins really does the classic design justice. Available on ebay

Vintage Pittsburgh Pirates Snapback Hats

Pittsburgh pirates have been popular long before the Taylor Gang charge of black and yellow. Their uniform is often black, the P logo is clean and sharp and their mascot is a Pirate. It all works so well.

Take this vintage snapback mix for example.


American Needle Blockhead Snapback Hats

Vintage snapback hats have been hunted for years now, but only recently has the American Needle Blockhead come into prevalence as one of the most sought after pieces on the market. A year ago, the hats were pretty much just another American Needle line, but now anything hat with block lettering on the back – American Needle or otherwise – is being billed as a blockhead since the market value of these prized pieces has risen so much. Always quick to leap on board of any trend, good or bad, Supreme recently released their five panel arc cap – ripping off the unique colorway and font face of the American Needle Classic.

Personally I put the craze down to the fact that a good stock of these hats was found only quite recently, and since Tupac added his seal of approval in 1993’s Poetic Justice, rockin’ the White Sox blockhead, the hat series was always going to have a legacy, so long as the product was there to be had.