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Mighty Ducks Snapbacks

The medley of all mighty ducks snapback medleys. Auctions running on mighty ducks snapbacks from 99 cents, no reserve.

Since Disney still own the image rights to The Mighty Ducks, the team remain the only popular franchise who’s merchandise cannot be re-created under normal NHL licensing laws. Therefore if you see a Mighty Ducks snapback it is always a vintage one. That’s why they are generally the most expensive pieces on the market.

That said, there are lots of fake Mighty Ducks snapbacks on the circuit right now. The colors are off, and they don’t have proper tags. Forget about those.

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A post for my homies in Glasgow

Back in the 90s there was a wildly popular hat stand on the Argyle market in Glasgow, Scotland. The stand was owned by an enterprising woman who would import some of the most limited snapback hat series from North America.

The stand was known particularly for its big logo snapbacks by The Game. Kids would come to the stand every weekend, pockets chinking, looking for the freshest hats. Some of those fans have amassed some of the most amazing collections known to man. The stand has long gone, but the demand hasn’t. Now 25+ year old Glaswegians nostalgically crawl ebay looking for the hats they were never able to get hold of, or lost sometime in their younger days.

Oddly, the Starter Shockwave, velcro fit hat was another huge line. We only mess with the snaps. So here’s a few new treats for those north of the border.

 Cincinnati Reds, Mighty Ducks and Tampa Bay Lightning will be online soon

The Game All-Over Print Snapback Hats

Agora Vintage loves the big logo hats. We have some on auction and some in the store right now. We alos have a few more coming in two weeks. The Game All-Over print hats are the most sought after series in the vintage snapback hat game, bar none. Despite being so highly embellished, these hats always look dope and never seem over-done. Some of them like the Mighty Ducks hat are particularly hard to find. Last time we had a deadstock one in stock, “ohsnapbacks” published a blog post on it.

Agora Vintage Back in Business. Shop Online Now

After a 6 week move across the Atlantic, Agora Vintage is finally opening its doors…bit by bit. Listings going online from today. We have thousands of hats and thousands of pieces of clothing to work through so keep checking back daily for new gear.