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This is how we flip the script

Sports Specialties should have done this more often. Starter were the brand that realised dudes were wearing their hats backwards, and put their distinctive logo smack bang in the middle for all to see – but Sports Specialties have some flipped up shit too. These Magic hats look like a regular cotton two tone from the front, but spin the hat backwards and you’ve got Sports Specialties’ trophy line right there. We also have some Phoenix Suns in this style somewhere…

Deadstock Delivery

A deadstock bomb just went off in the Agora warehouse. And just in time too.

Fashion Beans just blogged about the remarkable resurgence of the men’s sweatshirt. Its true; every streetwear brand out there is pumping out new designs each week of the classic wardrobe staple. Just as well that Agora Vintage just got in hundreds of deadstock printed sweatshirts as well as T-Shirts and tanks all USA made from 1990s with tags. We got a lot of new Mighty Ducks gear too!

For you London cats, lots of this gear will be available at the Blitz store on Hanbury lane.

Universal Prosona NFL Snapbacks

Universal was one of the dopest 90s snapback hat brands. They were always kinda under the radar, never really competing with the big boys. And they never had a signature line per se – no one hat style you could associate with them – but their Prosona is one of Agora Vintage’s all time faves, by any brand.

While Universal made NBA snaps too, this line was purely NFL. The Prosona name came from mixing the words “professional” and “persona.” Each hat would come with its own unique hang tag, with a picture associated with the team (not unlike the Starter Image Collection premise.)

The type font on each hat looks similar, but each one is in fact tweaked to mirror the personality of the team. The Redskins for instance, has tribal style affections to the font face, and a feathered Native American headpiece attached to the R. The Seahawks has a spiky, beak-like edge to the font, while the Oilers font is assembled by what looks like piping.

The hats are neatly topped off with the contrast snap and threading on the air holes. Green under brim as standard.  The Prosona line does not come with the universal logo on the back, which is a shame, because its dope.  See the bulls pictured below.

Starter Flame Snapbacks

Much love for the special starter joint we posted last week. The Starter Flame series was another big one in Glasgow Scotland. The hats were a made in short supply in the 90s, so to find a deadstock one today is something a bit special. They are certainly one of the more original Starter hats out there.

Mighty Ducks Snapbacks

The medley of all mighty ducks snapback medleys. Auctions running on mighty ducks snapbacks from 99 cents, no reserve.

Since Disney still own the image rights to The Mighty Ducks, the team remain the only popular franchise who’s merchandise cannot be re-created under normal NHL licensing laws. Therefore if you see a Mighty Ducks snapback it is always a vintage one. That’s why they are generally the most expensive pieces on the market.

That said, there are lots of fake Mighty Ducks snapbacks on the circuit right now. The colors are off, and they don’t have proper tags. Forget about those.

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A post for my homies in Glasgow

Back in the 90s there was a wildly popular hat stand on the Argyle market in Glasgow, Scotland. The stand was owned by an enterprising woman who would import some of the most limited snapback hat series from North America.

The stand was known particularly for its big logo snapbacks by The Game. Kids would come to the stand every weekend, pockets chinking, looking for the freshest hats. Some of those fans have amassed some of the most amazing collections known to man. The stand has long gone, but the demand hasn’t. Now 25+ year old Glaswegians nostalgically crawl ebay looking for the hats they were never able to get hold of, or lost sometime in their younger days.

Oddly, the Starter Shockwave, velcro fit hat was another huge line. We only mess with the snaps. So here’s a few new treats for those north of the border.

 Cincinnati Reds, Mighty Ducks and Tampa Bay Lightning will be online soon