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Awesome MCM Bucket Hats

These MCM bucket hats are perfect! Made from a super thick faux leather monogram MCM fabric, and shaped perfectly. We only have a few in stock so be quick

IMG_0513 - Copy IMG_0516

Founded by German Michael Cromer in 1976, MCM became popular during the 80s for wealthy business folk and free-spending fashionistas who appreciated the understated designs and iconic monogram logo. The company, founded as ‘Michael Cromer Munich,’ specialised in travel bags as well as accessories and some clothing.

The brand began to fade in the 90s but stayed relatively strong in Asia, where it was later relocated after being bought out by South Korean entrepreneur Kim Sung-joo.

But MCM has found its international appeal once more, making a huge comeback in the last decade.  Its rise has largely been fueled by celebrities and artists revisiting the brand as they look for retro inspiration for their latest looks.